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Styling with kids

Hi fashion lovers!

Feels like forever since my last post...

Well, I'm certain you have noticed I changed the website colors. Usually I revamp the site at the end of each year but it was time for a fresh look. I also decided to no longer do interviews and focus solely on fashion & style! With that being said, I have big plans for the future so stay tuned...

But first, last week we celebrated my son's 6th birthday and all my fashionista boy moms know that little boys like to get dirty. I often have to balance between being fashionable yet comfortable with my son.

So what better piece to wear than a maxi dress! Maxi dresses are a summer staple piece.

Okay, I know you want the details on my dress & Benji's look, right?

My dress: Zara

Benji's top & shoes: Zara

Benji's shorts: H&M

You can't see my shoes but I have on Louis Vuitton flat mules which have been my "go to" shoes for the past few weeks. And yes, I love color coordinating with my son!

Alright fashion lovers, enjoy the rest of your week!


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