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Keora's Spotlight: The Legendary Harley Morgan

Okay fashion lovers, I'm super excited about this month's spotlight...

It's long overdue but I figured who better to start the year with than the man who has gotten me to step my game UP!

I won't disclose too much about him because you'll read below but just know he's truly a LEGEND.

First tell my readers who Harley Morgan is.

I’m Harley Morgan, also known as “Legendary H&M”, the Founder, CEO of ROE: The Agency, LLC, a model, talent and marketing agency in the Washington, DC area! I’m most noted for being the FOUNDING FATHER of the Washington, DC Modeling Troupe Phenomenon, as well as Fashion Fused events,  Brand Management Strategies, and an advocate for Small Businesses and Creative Entrepreneurship. I’m also the Founder and Executive Producer of  Indie Fashion Week – a semi-annual series of events designated to highlight and showcase exclusive and/or original products from the independent/emerging and sustainable fashion collectives and houses. I’M THE DOT CONNECTOR!! 

Tell my readers about ROE: The Agency and your ultimate goal for the brand.

Well, ROE: The Agency is a talent powerhouse! My ultimate goal is to have an agency in all major cities, working with both major and emerging brands with talent from each city that we’ve developed under our signature model of training. Each city that our agency sets up shop in, Indie Fashion Week will follow! 

What inspired you to launch Indie Fashion Week?

So the idea for Indie Fashion Week was actually to just be a day. I envisioned it being during DC Fashion Week. I presented the idea and it was arrogantly dismissed. I then did a call to action, and immediately put Indie Fashion Week in play - with support from so many people!! The first cycle of IFW took place at the same time as DC Fashion Week, causing a huge uproar...so many ups and downs, but we are still here and thriving! 

If you could pick one model to come in and mentor your models who would it be?

It sounds cliche but Tyra Banks. She’s the epitome of making your brand ALL it can be...and I’m all about that. 

Who inspires you? 

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Kenny Burns! Both are Icons to me...Trendsetters, Classic Fashionistas...just always executing moves and plays in a cool and mature fashion. 

Okay so we can see from your pics that your style is one of a kind. How would you describe your style?

Simplistic - Classic Fly. I believe simplistic is the hardest style to execute; I think I execute it well. I also always add some type of pop to my simplicity. 

So final question that I’m certain everyone wants to know...what’s next for Harley and the entire ROE brand? Any 2020 plans you’d like to share. 

If I told you, I’d have to kill you all *wink* Just keep watching, We’re pulling the trigger on 5 big projects! 

Ha...I knew that would be his response to my last question because it's best to make less announcements and more moves!

Did you all enjoy this interview?

Stay tuned...next week I'll be helping the ladies prepare for V-day (Valentine's Day)!

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