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Keora's Spotlight: The Fashion Mermaid

Hi fashion lovers...

It's time for another spotlight!

This week, I'm shining light on a designer who has taken active wear to another level! I don't want to disclose too many details about her so let me jump right into this interview.

The owner of Fashion Mermaid (image below @_fashion_mermaid), was styled by Love Our Styles (@loveourstyles) for NYFW (New York Fashion Week) which happens to be one of the brands I spotlighted last year.

First tell my readers about you and what you do?

About Us

Rewind – Fashion Mermaid was founded in 2016 as an upscale women's fitness apparel line. We specialize in clothing designed to empower and uplift women of all sizes to live a healthy & fit lifestyle. At Fashion Mermaid, it's not just about FITNESS; it's also about FASHION and promoting longevity, while also feeling BEAUTIFUL!

Play – After years of creating exciting designs and providing quality construction to a devoted online following, the Fashion Mermaid brand has created a buzz in the fashion world after its runway launch in early 2019.

What made you start a clothing line? And where did your brand name come from?

After being giving birth to my daughter I was trying to get rid of the weight I had gained I went from 120 to 200 yikes lol. I noticed that there weren’t any cute workout gear for me to wear to the gym. I didn’t want to wear sweats & a tank - so I created my own piece. Initially I was doing it to make myself feel beautiful & I started getting inquiries on my outfit & people wanted to order so I came out with my first item and had over 200 orders.

My daughter and I are into fairy tales lol she loves unicorns 🦄 & I love mermaids.

So when thinking of a name I first wanted a name that when someone heard it they’ll always remember it & something that also represented my personality.

So here we have FASHION MERMAID!

How long have you been sewing?

I’ve only been sewing for about 2 1/2 years. I started taking one on one classes with Jamilia and also Yvonne Fields.

If you could see one celebrity in your designs who would it be?

I have two lol

Serena Williams . Would love to create a tennis outfit for her.

Taraji P. Henson, I know sis would throw on a fashion mermaid athleisure apparel to do her daily errands and look bomb.

How would you describe your style?

My personal style is eclectic & chic

I know what's coming up for Fashion Mermaid but let my readers know what's in store for your brand in 2020.

Fashion Forward – On  March 14, 2020, Fashion Mermaid will bring together a group of creative minds to host an electrifying glimpse into the future of fashion. Fashion Mermaid will also launch her second collection. Intrepid area designers will inspire fashion lovers with a showcase at the iconic Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

Join us for an extravagant night of futuristic fashion! Guests will also enjoy hors d'oeuvres, champagne, live music, a vendor expo, and lots of surprises! This show is expected to sell out; be a part of the action and get your tickets today!

Well did you all enjoy this month's spotlight as much as I did?!

Hope to see some of my readers at Fashion Forward next Saturday, March 14th!


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