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Keora's Spotlight: FEDELE NERO

I promised you all a few weeks back that I would be spotlighting the man behind the brand Fedele Nero (@briscoe_fedele)...

Well, the time has come!

First, let my readers know about the man behind Fedele Nero.

I'm known as Briscoe Fedele from Southeast Washington, DC. I have been designing for about 2 to 3 years now. I started off just wanting to make clothes for myself. I was tired of going shopping and not finding clothes I wanted to wear. It took me awhile to really find the resource to get clothing made. After finding them, I thought to myself why not start my own brand because I knew my designs would stand out a little more and it wasn't too many local brands that design clothes how I do. With me being an artist and creative, I know a lot more will arise from this.

What made you name your brand Fedele Nero?

We were looking for a name to call us and we talked a lot about having faith and being loyal. So we decided to look up different languages. We cam across Fedele and it had a nice ring to it so we stuck with it. It turned into a clothing line after that! I added Nero (Black) to indicate it is a Black Label.

Who inspires you in the fashion industry?

Everyone who is very creative to tell the truth. Whenever I see new designs and creative marketing, that makes me go back to the drawing board to create more and to get better! I was inspired by Dapper Dan story about how he came up in the hood and added swag to the big name brands like Gucci. Even after illegally using Gucci's logo he made such a big impact that he was later offered a partnership with Gucci. Someone else who also inspires me is Malik (EAT brand), he has brought a big light on fashion in the DMV area. Things like this gives people hope that it is possible to do anything you put your mind to no matter where you are from. What inspires me the most about Malik is what he does for the community.

Who would you like to see rocking your brand?

Anyone that is really a fan of my clothes. Real fans mean more to me than just having a big name wear it. My brand is for everyone. I would like to see my brand grow from the DMV to the entire country, then the world! But if I had to choose, I would probably want 2 Chainz, Gucci, YFN Lucci, Wale, and Lil Baby to wear my brand because they are all very fashionable.

Can you tell us what's next for Fedele Nero?

We do have some collaborations, new designs, more female items, and giveaways on the way! We will also start doing charitable events and helping the community more. But ya'll will just have to stay tuned to be updated on things. Sometime life changes course so be sure to follow us @fedelenero on all social media platforms.

So did you all enjoy and did you spot me in one of the photos (LOL)?! I cannot wait to see what's in store for Fedele Nero for the remainder of this year.


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