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Bring out the SEXY!

While some of you may be dodging cupid...others (including myself) enjoy this time of the year!

So ladies, I know a lot of you feel Valentine's Day is all about us but we have to show the guys some love too...

With that being said, my favorite bad gyal Rihanna has been dropping some HOT lingerie with her Savage x Fenty collection.

Now it's all about knowing what you feel comfortable yet sexy wearing. I'm a lace & thigh high tights type of girl, so the look Draya Michele is rocking (above) is EVERYTHING!

Then there is the woman who prefers to cover up just a little but is still exuding SEXY! The baby doll look (above) is perfect for my semi-angelic (LOL) ladies.

Now, for my ladies who prefer to just drop the robe and have on nothing but your birthday suit...this is for you! Might I add I have this robe in satin and it's my FAV.

Figured I'd throw in this last one as a bonus just to give you all one last idea and because De'arra Taylor looks AMAZING!

Just know ladies, whatever you decide...spice it up & make it fit your own style.

And if you need more ideas such as styling the entire occasion or adding some additional goodies (you know what I mean), feel free to send me a message...

Happy Valentine's Day in advance!


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