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MIE Sewing Fashion Show

Hi fashion lovers!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending another fashion show that featured pieces from some talented designers.

MIE (Math in Everything) Learning is a curriculum designed to change how math is viewed. This program makes math fun for students. If they're anything like I was growing up (I despised math) then making math fun is a PLUS!

The concept for the show was "Making Math Fashionable"...

Well these designers brought their "A game" with every piece that hit the runway! A few featured designers included Gabby's World Designs (@gabbysworlddesign), K-Love (@k_love479) and YvonneField's Designs (@yvonnefieldsdesigns).

Check out some of the pieces below & be sure to follow these lovely designers on IG.

I cannot end without shouting out the models, they SLAYED the runway!


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