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Hi creative visionaries!

So last week, I had the opportunity to attend 29ROOMS which happens to be a traveling vibrant art experience launched in 2015 during NY Fashion Week.

When I entered the DC Armory I had no idea what to expect but boy was I blown away by the creative installations and presentations throughout the entire experience.

Each room was created for the perfect photo opportunity. While I enjoyed each installation, my favorite room happened to be where I had the chance to open up to a stranger...I know it sounds crazy! My friend and I entered the room with maybe 12 other individuals as we were told to sit at any table (each with two seats). Then, one person at each table was told they had to leave their partner and sit with someone they didn't know. So my friend Gilli waved goodbye as I said "hello" to the stranger who sat at my table (sorry can't remember her name). We were then asked to stare into the stranger's eyes for 30 secs without speaking...let me tell you this was the longest 30 secs of my life! LOL...but it was a great icebreaker before we began picking from the deck of 29 cards with questions on each.

I still cannot believe how much I opened up to her but I enjoyed every minute!

And before I forget...since I received so many compliments on my hoodie...I purchased it from @certifiedflyguy (IG).

Check out photos from the entire #29ROOMS experience below...


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