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Keora's Spotlight: Ms. Van Zandt

As you can see it's time to spotlight another creative beauty!

This week features someone who I have the opportunity to work with again this week during Indie Fashion Week Cycle 9. I don't want to give you too much so let me just say she's a woman of many talents which you'll read below.

Introducing Ms. Crishawna Van Zandt...

So first, give my readers a brief overview of what you do.

I do a little bit of everything. I like to call myself a Janet of all trades but I use the title Creative Consultant. I enjoy being behind the scenes. Being a part of making the magic happen. So I take much pride in coaching models and directing shoots. Doing everything from main photographer to the assistant. Then on to styling some of those shoots. I also plan events. Keeping busy in this past season with baby showers and graduation parties. Also still dabbling in the graphic design areas. And lastly and most importantly music. Singing is one of my favorite forms of expression. So busting into song or being invited to sing for events is something that brings great joy to my life.

What made you want to tap into photography?

I didn't even notice that photography was something I'd be good at until I moved to DC. I started working for Photogentic Inc. I'd shoot boarding pics at the DC Waterfront for dinner cruises and it was like it just clicked. I can be good at this. I know boarding photos aren't much to look at but to make them work & people still love them was fun. Then I kinda became a super star after they found out I had a graphic design background. I met so many people working on the boat, it just made sense that I need to be a photographer.

What's your dream location to have a photo shoot and who would you be shooting with?

My dream location is the Pyramids in Giza. So much history and culture. It's probably over done but so many ways to make your art speak in Egypt. No matter the kind. And if I'm shooting fashion I imagine I could go to places to find their amazing fabrics and have way too much fun! So it would be tapping into both the styling and photography.

You recently began styling, has this always been a passion of yours?

I wouldn't have thought the fashions that awed me when I was younger could turn into a passion at that time. I was always into vintage fashions. I think the 20's is one of the best eras. So much fashion. It was light and dark, and sometimes both. Some of the best period piece movies have been set in the 20's. I watched a lot of AMC back in the day. So if I'm speaking as Crishawna today, yes it has always been a passion. And I have such equally passionate and supportive friends and mentors so I've grown to enjoy it a great deal.

Who would you love to style in the entertainment industry?

You know I had a hard time with this question. I think it's because I'm Switzerland here. I would like to style all of them. I'm in awe of some of the fashion icons here in our area to be honest. Harley Morgan (@legendaryhandm) would be a challenge, in my mind, for me to style because I've always enjoyed seeing the fashions of men who know what to wear. I don't get to style a lot of men but I said in my mind Harley would be a breeze to work with. I feel like I get his own style but I'd step it up & put some animation in the concept. Wonder if he's up for the challenge?!

So can I kinda flip the question...I'd like to be styled by J. Bolin. He's who I think of when thinking of style + celebrities. I'm like a super fan. I think just working with him as a client would force me to consider it to be like a mini day lesson lol. I would literally study everything he did that day over in my head. He's styled so many people with what looked like very little effort. I would have to take some knowledge with me.

What's next for Crishawna?

Lots of things! I'm really trying to run towards my 2020 year already in motion. I have a pop up shop that will be focused towards stylist coming in November. With sessions and great networking. I have some shoots lined up that are taking us back to the past in fashion. When everyone is reading this we will be right in the middle of Indie Fashion Week. This will be my second time working on the production team and you! So I'm excited.

Thank you so much Keora for considering me conversation worthy. You have no idea what this does for me personally and professionally.

Crishawna, you are very welcome! Thank you for allowing me to feature you this month. I wish you nothing but success with everything you take on!

Xoxo - Keora

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