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Pretty in PINK

Hi fashion lovers!

Feels like forever since my last post...

I have been super busy networking and now preparing to assist with Indie Fashion Week Cycle 9! Yes, I'll be joining the team again for a Marvel themed week September 16 - 22.

But before that...let me get into my look for this week!

Okay, I don't wear pink often so this was a step outside my usual color choices but let me tell you this was a head turner (LOL).

My lace bodysuit is from boohoo.com and the skirt is part of a two-piece set purchased from Love Our Styles (@loveourstyles). If you recall, my last Keora Spotlight featured the owner of Love Our Styles.

The heels are from my fav misslola.com, not certain if you can still purchase them since I bought them in 2014 (yes, I hold on to EVERYTHING!).

Oh yes, the cross body purse is from designer Rebecca Minkoff but I purchased this hot item at Nordstrom Rack for only $100.

Alright loves, I hope you enjoyed my look for this week!

Next week we'll get into another one of my favorite trends this year...

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