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Keora's Spotlight: Ciara Tell

This week I have the pleasure of shining the spotlight on another BOSS BABE!

I have purchased several (yes I'm addicted, LOL) items from this doll and not only does she sell some hot pieces, she sells them at affordable prices. Her customer service is also top-notch!

Let me introduce you to Ciara Tell, Owner of Love Our Styles (@loveourstyles)...

So let me dive in, what made you open an online boutique?

It’s in my DNA (lol). My Mother and Grandmothers were always stylish and aware of how they wanted to look. I played dress up a lot in their closets, discovering sequin dinner dresses, costume jewelry, high heels, I could go on (lol). Having over 15 years of retail experience in women’s apparel and shoes, I always wanted to own a Clothing or a Shoe Store. However attending College as well as working full time I was convinced it would always remain a dream, until April 2017 “Love Our Styles” was born. This was also the same year I turned 30 and I wanted to start a new decade of my life with no regrets!

How do you decide what to sell (what inspires your decisions)?

I keep a pretty simple concept when it comes to my inventory. If I like it and I feel my customers will like it, I buy it...without sacrificing quality over price! I do like to participate in certain trends that I feel can be taken from one season to the next but I don’t like to solely focus on that. I draw inspiration from everywhere! Old Movies, TV shows, social media, and my biggest inspiration of all is none other than (drum roll) the Thrift Store!

Any thoughts on offering men or kid’s clothing?

Those are two categories I believe deserve a lot of curation and planning. I love monochrome pieces for both categories I’ve always felt they both should be simple yet Chic. No time in the future(lol) but I definitely would like to venture into providing collections for Children and Men.

So more about your style?

I'm honestly a Minimalist when it comes to my personal style. I love to dress women in beautiful colors and prints. As for myself, I love the color black (lol), statement earrings, and I have an unhealthy obsession with vintage handbags. Overall, I love to have key pieces in everything I wear when I'm not wearing leggings and t-shirts (lol).

Who’s your style inspiration?

Definitely more than one person. Diana Ross (I love vintage and anything that sparkles). Carrie Bradshaw (she made me appreciate small handbags) and last but not least..Tracee Ellis Ross (I love everything about her style)!

What’s in store for your brand for the remainder of the year?

Certainly popup shops throughout the summer, I’m getting into more wardrobe styling which I’m definitely excited about. My main focus will always be showing women “No matter your Style, Own it! Love it!"

Did you all enjoy this interview as much as I did?!

Don't forget to check out more pieces from Ciara at www.loveourstyles.com.

Enjoy the rest of your week fashion lovers!

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