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Met Gala 2019

Can you believe it's Wednesday already?! This week is flying by and I LOVE it...especially since I'll be heading to LA on Sunday.

Well on to the good stuff. The Met Gala took place yesterday evening (I'm determined to be in attendance in the future lol) and a few celebs brought their A game.

The theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion." If you're not familiar with this theme, it doesn't mean camp as in sleeping bags and tents (LOL), it is "exaggerated fashion."

This was the perfect time for celebs like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga to be over the top but these two ladies did not make my top fav looks below (I know disappointing!).

In no particular order because Ciara, Kylie and Kendall's looks were a tie in my opinion.

Janelle Monae was definitely my favorite look of the night, she never lets me down! She NAILED the theme with her own sexy twist.

Cardi's dress was definitely a head turner...did you notice how many people it took to carry her train?!

So what were some of your favs from this year's Met Gala? Feel free to send them my way!

Enjoy the rest of your day fashion lovers!!

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