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Hi fashion lovers!

I always miss writing to you guys when I skip a week...

But sticking with the color scheme of my last post, I decided to showcase another one of my favorite neon green tops.

And yes, I paired my custom made top with the same latex pants (Trendsetters boutique) featured in my last post.

Now let me get into the details of this top! I decided to trademark "Stylish Mom" as an apparel brand that I hope to someday expand to a movement for moms to come together, network, and build. Networking in style is what I'd like to call it.

Until then...you will see "Stylish Mom" on some hot custom apparel (s/o @plugyoself) all year long! Oh yea, the purple booties are from Fashion Nova and fit true to size.

For more "Stylish Mom" apparel, check out my Instagram @stylish_keora.

Stay tuned...there's so much more to come!

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