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Keora's Spotlight: BUBBLES (The Fashion Model)

It's time for another Keora's Spotlight interview!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing another successful black businesswoman who also happens to be a fashion model who SLAYS the runway.

I've been collaborating with this talented beauty since 2015 and just recently she brought another one of my visions to life. :)

I don't want to disclose too much about her so I'll let her tell you more in the interview below.

How long have you been modeling & what made you start modeling?

I found the love of modeling in high school in 2007, so I've been modeling for 12 yrs. I just love everything about the talent of runway walking and the excitement designers/brands get after doing a shoot w/me. I am literally in my happy place modeling. I professionally began in 2014 with Marcellas Hill Productions. I was the 1st model apart of the brand & til this day it's been nothing short of amazing content & the best executions w/shows we have.

Who is your runway idol?

It's so many I adore but the legends for sure Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. Both ladies started out young and til this day they're getting getting booked for shows alongside being Girl Bosses & that's my goal. I have my businesses that I would like to continue to run while also pursuing my dream.

Which designer would you love to model for at NYFW (New York Fashion Week)?

I would loveeeee to walk any shows in Spring Studios actually. But the top designer I would absolutely love to walk for is Olivier Rousteing, his clothing line is Balmain. His designs are everythingggggg & matches my personality perfect.

What's a talent you have that most people don't know about?

I was a track star. I could have gotten a full ride to colleges if I wasn't so lazy w/practice. At my high school (McKinley Tech) my coach was very nice with me with not making me come to practice, but I knew in college I would have to eat & sleep track and field. I should have definitely took on the opportunity because I would not have student loan problems now.

You have so many great businesses (Xchange Artistry & Plug Yo Self)! What's next for you?

I am such a go getter, I'm sure I will come up with another amazing venture. For now, I'm focusing on growing Plug Yo Self which is my everything business. Everyone adores my brand because they can literally get anything customized! I love how supportive you have been as well. You've shopped w/me from the very beginning & I appreciate the support. I will be switching up a few things with Xchange Artistry (XA) since I don't have as much time as I did back then when I began. I will be bringing XA back in the summer & it will still be beneficial to all brands to connect with one another & work but I want it to grow as well from city to city so I'm working on that as well.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this interview as much as I did! Did you catch that shout out (lol)?! She's really one of the sweetest individuals you'll encounter. Check out some of her photos below and be sure to follow Bubbles on Instagram at @bubbsbabe and @plugyoself.

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