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Sneaker Game

It's basketball season and it is not often you see me in sneakers but when you do they usually stand out!

A few weeks ago I went to a Washington Wizards game & decided to be fashionable & comfy.

The sneakers are from Campers and I actually bought them during a consignment sale held at Nail Candy Shop in Columbia, MD. They're wedge sneakers so they gave me an extra inch or two in height (LOL!).

The hoodie is from Boohoo but I had my friend spray paint "Live In Fashion" on the bottom to give a unique touch. The leather jacket is from Zara (purchased 2 years ago) and I custom made the shorts from Forever 21.

Oh yes, almost forgot the fanny pack is from a store called Rainbow...bought it for $5.00!

This look was a favorite so I'm thinking about rocking this style more often.

What are some of your favorite comfy yet fashionable styles?

Enjoy the rest of your week Fashion Queens & Kings!

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