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The Moto Jacket

Fall has ARRIVED!!

For years, my favorite season has been summer but now fall has taken the top spot. It's just something about fall fashion that gets me excited. So, it should be no surprise that one of my favorite fall items happens to be the MOTO JACKET!

My favorite moto jacket that I own happens to be the one I purchased from Zara two years ago. It's bright yellow and no matter what I rock it with, it's a head turner (image below).

Zara & ASOS are my go to spots to find the perfect trendy moto jacket for every occasion. Some people prefer the rock style look (like myself), while others will wear their jacket over the shoulder with dress attire (ball gowns, business attire, etc.).

I'm a fan of bright moto jackets (yellow, red, silver, etc.). The brighter the jacket, the better chance of standing out in a crowd.

Send me some of your moto jacket looks.

And stay tuned...Keora Chic will be trying something new w/the blog in a couple of weeks!!!

Enjoy your day fashion Queens...and Kings!

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