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In My Own Lane

Well hello Fashion Queens!

Just recently I decided to try something new. I love rocking boyfriend tees so I figured why not create some fashion slogans to place on each t-shirt.

My first slogan, "I'm not a STYLIST but...I SLAYED this outfit!" was a HIT! I rocked this tee to Kevin Hart's comedy show and received quite a few compliments. :)

I had to SLAY the outfit since that's what the shirt says. So I went for the rockstyle look which is one of my favs! I threw my colorful jacket from SHEIN over my shoulders and my trendy combat boots (Miss Lola) on my feet. You can't really see my metallic front leggings but I purchased them a few years ago and turned them from ankle length leggings to thigh length. Sorry, I don't recall where I purchased them from.

It's something about throwing a bomb jacket over your shoulders that transforms the entire outfit! Oh yea, I decided to cut up the bottom sides of the tee and transform it to an off the shoulder look.

Stay tuned for more tees...and yes I will sell a limited supply. :)

Enjoy your day loves!

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