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Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

Can you believe summer is coming to an end & fall will be here next month?! Well with fall approaching, it's time to discuss some fashion trends to inspire your wardrobe.

This week, I decided to switch it up and feature some designer picks for fashion trends this fall.

The 80's seems to be the inspiration for this year's fall trends. Pictured above is one of my favs...ANIMAL PRINTS!!! This bold tiger stripe printed coat by Bottega Veneta is sure to be a head turner but for those like myself who prefer to find the same look at a discounted price, you can shop some of my favorite websites such as Boohoo.com and ASOS.com for more affordable animal print clothing.

As an 80's baby, I LOVE plaid!!! I don't know about you but I was a huge fan of Cher's plaid skirt set worn in the movie Clueless. Michael Kors paired both plaid and animal print in the looks featured above.

Okay it's time to discuss one of the top colors to rock this fall. I'm certain many of you have this color throughout your wardrobe so no need to rush to the stores.

Featured above is a red silk striped shirt and pants set by Mother of Pearl. Red is such a bold color that I enjoy pairing with different prints but worn alone this color is known to make a BOLD statement.

Alright fashion queens, I think you have enough inspiration to get started with shopping for your fall looks.

Remember whatever you do, do it in STYLE!

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