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Giving the Blues

Hi my loves!

I took a brief vacation last week and I'm feeling refreshed and ready to talk fashion.

I know the blog title can be deceiving but I'm definitely not in low spirits. :)

This week's outfit highlights one of my fav colors...BLUE!!

Let me get straight into the details! Of course you see my go to blue pumps from Forever 21 but the skirt is also from Forever 21. Now I'm sure you're not going to believe this but my silk blouse was purchased for only $10.00 on Shein.com (I know a GREAT deal!). The shades are Michael Kors, I purchased them two years ago and they're still one of my FAVS.

In the picture above, I decided to accessorize with a small teal purse. I like mixing different shades of the same color, makes the outfit really POP!

I rocked this look to work but this is definitely brunch attire!

Alright fashionistas continue to share with me your corporate looks! Until next week, whatever you do...do it in STYLE!

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