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Chi-town living

Hi loves!

I missed you guys since I didn't post last week. :)

Well since my last post, I had the opportunity to travel to one of my favorite cities, Chi-town (Chicago). Since I was staying in the downtown area I took the time to do a lil touring and of course capture some outfit pics for you guys.

Olive green happens to be one of my fav colors & this wrap dress from Boohoo.com is comfy yet sexy. You all know I'm a fan of color-blocking so the pink suede pumps (Forever 21) was the bright color needed to make this outfit a head turner!

I was in LOVE with the outside of McCormick Place Convention Center so excuse the distant photo.

But, it's time to travel and bring out your best attire fashion dolls! Send me some pics of you travel wardrobe. :)

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