Let me begin by answering the question I get asked the most...Keora is my middle name, my first name is Shawnetta.


I started blogging back in 2015 exactly one year after my son was born. In the beginning, I would mainly write about celebrity styles or highlight fashion events I attended around the United States but since then, I have transitioned to blogging about my style and discussing the latest fashion trends. My ultimate goal is to provide you all with some dope pieces to purchase, while still giving you style inspiration through my blog! 

I often find myself just scrolling Instagram or Pinterest (click the icons at the top to follow me) admiring how different individuals express themselves through their style. I'm a firm believer that it's okay to have your own style as long as YOU feel confident in what you're wearing because if you don't trust me...everyone will know. 

So, how would I describe my style? I don't! I wear what I want depending on the occasion and sometimes depending on my mood. I wear what makes me feel sexy, yet comfortable. Some days I feel sexy in an over sized t-shirt (I know sounds crazy) while other days I throw on whatever hugs my curves. Whatever I'm wearing just know there will be a POP of color, I'm not an all black attire type of girl. 

Okay, I can write all day! I hope you guys enjoy my blog and receive some style inspiration. Looking to collab or in need of a personal stylist, click "Connect" on the menu...oh yea feel free to click the subscribe button to receive notifications, every time I post. 

Welcome to Keora Chic...


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